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FanBump Review

There are a lot of different Instagram growth services, and they all claim to basically do the same thing. So how can you tell which ones are actually good, and which aren't? You test as many as you can. That's what we did.

After testing ten different Instagram growth services, we give FanBump our strongest recommendation because it provided the best growth.

While it came in second in terms of follower growth, the fastest growing company sent us a lot of bots and fake followers. FanBump helped grow our account with real people.

Trust & Safety
Speed of Growth
Quality of New Audience
Customer Service
  • Fastest non-bot growth of the 10 Instagram growth services that we tested
  • Cameron, the Founder, was very responsive and helpful when we had questions - not every service had an easily accessible human, so this was a big bonus
  • Our new followers engaged (and still engage) with our account - one of my biggest concerns was that the new followers wouldn't be real or wouldn't actually engage with our account
  • FanBump was one of the most expensive Instagram services that we tested
  • While FanBump provided a weekly growth report, I wish they provided a portal so that I could track my growth on a daily basis. They shared links to 3rd party tools to satisfy this need, but it would be better if FanBump built this.
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Our FanBump Story:

We wanted to test ten of the leading Instagram growth services so we created ten Instagram accounts with the same puppy content and signed up each one to a different growth service. You should know that FanBump (and the other nine services we tested) provided their service for free in exchange for a review.

The FanBump founder warned me before I signed up that because it was a new account that growth would be slower than normal. But they outperformed every other service.

Our account started at 49 followers and ended the month with 1,485 followers, an increase of 1,436 followers! This ranked second best of all of the services we tested, but the top service provided way too many bot followers.

I audited the followers on the account that FanBump grew and while there were a few low-quality accounts here and there, the vast majority of followers seemed relevant to my dog account. Most importantly, the account's engagement grew in correspondence with the follower growth during my time with FanBump. And after I stopped using FanBump, the new audience continued to engage!

I share all of this to say that FanBump is my favorite service of all of the ones that we tested! The price tag is a bit high but when I'm actually looking to grow my Instagram, instead of just writing reviews, FanBump will be the service that I use.

About FanBump:

“FanBump uses targeted engagement to drive organic follower and engagement growth for our clients. In basic terms, this means we use your account to engage (follow/like/unfollow) with people who are likely to be interested in your content (people who are already following similar accounts to yours).

Example: If you’re a female model, we’ll use your account to engage with people who are following and engaging with other female model accounts.

The end result is that lots of relevant people will check out your profile and then frequently follow you back and engage with your content.

Our clients average 1,000-3,000 new followers per month.”

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