Reviews 2022 – Is It Legit & Safe or a Scam?

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9.6 Total Score Reviews 2023 - Is It Legit & Safe or a Scam?

" is ...a gift card retailer where you’ll find hundreds of companies competing to offer you up to 15% off in their stores. Selecting gift cards from their amazing selection is easy and you’ll end up with exactly the same card as if you’d purchased it directly from the retailer. is a brilliant website that saves you significant money while making shopping more convenient. It’s a go-to for anyone looking to save up to 15% on their restaurant tab or shopping experience, and it makes a great gift!

Our Recommendation: This is a 100% recommend. There’s no reason not to buy gift cards here to save money at your favorite retailers. The convenience, great savings, and speed make it a sure winner."

Safety, Reliability, and Trust
Easy-to-Use Website?
Customer Service
  • Save up to 15% off at major retailers
  • Cards are easy to send and arrive within minutes
  • Many major retailers are represented
  • Each retailer has its own terms and conditions
  • Gift cards aren’t usually refundable
  • Gift cards typically have an expiration date.
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My Experience With is a website that specializes in selling gift cards to customers. They offer a wide variety of different types of gift cards for many different stores, restaurants, and other places. I recently bought a gift card from them for my best friend’s birthday and it was the best experience I have ever had with this company. More about that later, but first, let’s discuss the basics. has a huge selection of gift cards and they have so many different categories to choose from. It made my shopping experience so much easier because they had what I needed in one place.

The company offers a variety of customer-friendly features and benefits that make it easy to buy the perfect gift card for friends and family. The website also provides customers with special discounts that can make buying gift cards a nice way to score some discounts.

I was having trouble looking for something for my best friend. I live in a rural area, so there aren’t a lot of stores around me. Of course, I could order something off the internet, but I didn’t know exactly what to get. Without the in-store shopping experience, I was having trouble deciding. That’s why I decided to get a gift card.

There aren’t a lot of physical stores in our area so I went online to find an online store that sells gift cards. When I searched on Google, came up first on the list of search results and it looked like a reliable website so I decided to purchase from them instead of other websites that had come up on my search results page which looked less trustworthy than

I went to their website and found that they offered all sorts of different gift cards for all sorts of different stores. It was really easy to find what I wanted for my best friend’s birthday because all the gift card options were categorized by store, restaurant, or other places like movies or amusement parks. After choosing what type of card I wanted, it was just as easy as picking out which store I wanted it from and how much money to put on it. After paying online with my credit card, they emailed me the code right away so that I could use it right away when giving the present! has a huge selection of gift cards and they have so many different categories to choose from. It made my shopping experience so much easier because they had what I needed in one place.

After I had purchased my first gift card, I realized that I could buy them for other people as well which is a great gift idea for any occasion, especially when you are running low on time or need to get a last minute present. is one of those little secrets everyone should find out. The convenience factor of having all of your favorite stores in one place makes it a must-have for Christmas. It’s a real time saver when you’re buying for a lot of people. Plus, you’ll often save 10-15% on top of any normal sales, so it’s a great way to buy everyday necessities.

If you’re looking to pick up some gift cards for birthdays or Christmas, I can’t recommend highly enough. Saving time and money all at once makes this little site just about perfect.

What is is the most OK edit in luxury fashion for women, men and kids. We have over 200 best international designers, 600 new arrivals each week, fast and reliable delivery, excellent customer service, utmost security, data protection, and free returns and exchanges within 30 days. Alternatives 

If you’re looking for alternatives to, you can check out,, and FAQs

1. Is a Reputable Brand?

Yes. is affiliated with many major brands and delivers exactly what they say they will. You’ll save up to 15% and get the exact same gift cards that you would if you bought directly from the retailer.

2. Is My Data Safe When Using Website?

Of course it is! The data is encrypted using state-of-the-art techniques and is only used to complete your order and provide excellent customer service.

3. How Long Does Take to Ship? can send your card directly to your email, so you can get started shopping right away! Cards by mail can take up to a week or two to arrive.

4. What Are Shipping Costs?

Most gift cards are electronic nowadays, so you’ll have immediate access to your savings and can use and send the gift card within moments. There may be a small fee if you want a physical card.

5. Where Is Located? is located in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.

6. Where Does Ship From?

The card will be delivered to your email so that you can start shopping right away. It’s a convenient way to send a gift and can be used from the convenience of your smartphone. Cards ship from the USA.

7. Are Sizes Accurate?

Of course, the stated currency amount, terms and conditions will be honored precisely.

8. What Is’s Refund & Return Policy?

Although you may recieve credits to an in-store account, typically gift cards are not returnable or exchangeable.

9. Does Have Good Customer Support? How Do I Reach Them?

You can contact here.

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