A Collection of Articles That Explain What Happened In Ferguson

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Without offering any opinion on the matter, I wanted to share some very interesting and informative articles that I found.

What Happened in Ferguson (New York Times) – Explains the incident, the grand jury and the aftermath in great detail

Ferguson Riots: Ruling Sparks Night of Violence (BBC) – Photos and details of the riots after the ruling

The Confrontation: Two Stories (Washington Post) – Examines Wilson's testimony vs. Johnson's testimony vs. testimony of witnesses

It's Incredibly Rare For a Grand Jury To Do What Ferguson's Just Did (Fifty Thirty Eight) – Grand Jury Analysis and Statistics

What People Around The World Are Saying About Ferguson (GlobalPost) – Perspectives from around the world

Obama Calls Anger Over Ferguson ‘Understandable,' But Urges Peace (CNN) – Video and explanation of Obama's speech

Ferguson Protests Around U.S. Clog Streets – Details the second night of protests in major cities across the United States

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