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eBooks.com Review: Is it Legit, Reliable or a Scam?

eBooks.com is a safe and trustworthy site to buy digital books from. The company offers more than 1 million books and is a highly trafficked, legitimate website.

Generally speaking, buying an eBook is cheaper than buying a physical book because it is much cheaper for a publisher to produce. Furthermore, you can take eBooks with you on the go on your computer, tablet or favorite mobile device.

If you're still nervous about purchasing from eBooks, you can always buy from the largest bookseller in the world, Amazon.

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eBooks.com RevieweBooks.com is compatible has a robust search tool that allows you to quickly and easily find any book in their database.

Unlike Amazon, eBooks.com sells PDF versions of books so that you aren't restricted to specific devices or formats, and you can take your books with you anywhere.

Books are delivered instantly after purchase and are guaranteed to be the correct version and format.


The biggest con to both eBooks.com and eBooks, in general, is that you can't return eBooks. Other than that, this is a fairly straightforward website without many risks involved.

Guide To Book Formats:

Directly from eBooks.com's website:

“We currently sell ebooks in these formats:

  • EPUB for Ebook Reader (preferred option for mobile devices)
  • PDF for Ebook Reader
  • PDF for Digital Editions
  • EPUB for Digital Editions
  • Online Reader format (read in your internet browser without any additional software)

These formats are supported by all devices compatible with Adobe Digital Editions (Windows) or Ebook Reader (iOS, Android, Blackberry & Kindle Fire).

Most books can also be read online using our Online Reader and any major web browser.”


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