JJsHouse Reviews 2024 – Is It Legit & Safe or a Scam?

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JJsHouse Reviews 2022 - Is It Legit & Safe or a Scam?

JJ’s House is one of the larger wedding dress retailers on the internet. They are primarily focussed on inexpensive fashion meant to be worn for special occasions.

Their dresses aren’t the highest quality available, but they are suitable for most weddings and special occasions. Their most popular lines include Wedding dresses, prom dresses, bridesmaid dresses, and dresses for the mother of the bride.

Our Recommendation:We don’t recommend JJ’s House because higher quality fashion can be found for lower prices on other websites. For fast shipping and inexpensive fashion, we recommend Amazon.com & FameAndPartners.com.

Safety, Reliability, and Trust
Easy-to-Use Website?
Customer Service
  • Affordable dresses that are perfect for most occasions.
  • Versatile styles to suit your needs
  • Many sizes and colors to choose from
  • Two week shipping time
  • Restrictions on the guarantee
  • Inexpensive, generic fashion
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My Experience With JJ’s House

JJ's House is a global leading online retailer for wedding gowns, special event dresses, wedding party dresses and more. JJ's House has over 15 years of experience in the industry and has been a part of brides' big day since 2007.

JJ’s House puts an emphasis on providing brides with high quality products at affordable prices. They have thousands of items on their website including wedding gowns, special event dresses, and wedding party dress for all types of occasions and events such as prom night and weddings.

The website seemed perfect for me, so I couldn’t wait to get started. I looked over their dresses and was really excited about what I saw. The dresses are gorgeous and the prices are unbeatable. Many of them are less than $100 with only a few that range up to $150. It looked like the perfect way to buy mother of the bride dresses, bridesmaid gowns, and wedding gowns. They even have shoes and accessories to match!

I saw that some of the JJ’s House reviews talk about dresses that don’t fit right, and there are occasional quality issues. I thought it was better to see for myself rather than trust reviews of JJ’s House, but I was cautious. So, I decided to order the wedding gown and make sure it was great before recommending the site to my friends.

I chose a gorgeous gown for about $150. The wedding dresses do tend to run a bit more expensive, but it’s your day, so it’s worth it to splurge a little. The dress came with free shipping, which was a nice bonus. Normal shipping costs $6 to the USA and takes about 10-16 days. Keep in mind that global shipping times have been running a little longer lately, though!

The dress arrived in 15 days, which was great. I immediately saw that the dress was everything I thought it would be, with great stitching and quality. I know that occasional bad JJ’s House reviews happen, but for me, everything looked fine. I was really excited to try on my new dress.

That’s when the problems started. The dress was just a bit too small, and I don’t want to put myself in a position where I’m trying to starve in order to wear my wedding gown! I took it to a local tailor, but adjustments are expensive and difficult. There’s not a lot of extra cloth to let the dresses out a bit, and seamstresses in the USA expect to get paid.

JJ’s House will issue a free refund if your dress is mis-shipped or damaged, but they don’t accept returns on custom dresses or wrong sizes. Keep in mind that if you have any doubt about your size, it will be easier to reduce the size rather than make the dress bigger. This is because the seamstress will have more material to work with.

I wish I’d ordered a bigger dress. I ended up having a bad experience and had to pay for expensive alterations, which was an easily avoided mistake. Don’t make my mistake. If you do end up ordering from JJ’s House, plan for alterations, and order a bit bigger than your actual size. Keep in mind that if you ever want to wear your dress in the future, you might need that extra cloth anyways.

My recommendation is to skip JJ’s House. It’s an OK manufacturer, but honestly, you can get the same quality with better return policies from Amazon.com or FameAndPartners.com. If you end up needing to return the dress, you’ll be happy that these sites have stellar customer service.

What Is JJ’s House?

JJ's House is a global leading online retailer for wedding gowns, special event dresses, wedding party dresses. The company’s goal is to help women find their perfect dress at an affordable price point while providing them with exceptional customer service. The company also helps women find their perfect fit through their size charts that are available on their website.

JJ's House Alternatives

If you’re looking for alternatives to JJ’s House, you can check out Amazon.com and FameAndPartners.com

JJ's House FAQs

1. Is JJ’s House a Reputable Brand?

JJ’s House is one of the largest online wedding dress retailers. JJ’s House has grown to become one of the most popular wedding dress retailers on social media with over 3 million likes on their Facebook page. As they continue to grow, they also offer brides-to-be discounts and special promotions to help them find the perfect dress for their big day.

2. Is My Data Safe When Using the JJ’s House Website?

Yes. JJ’s House will protect your data using state-of-the-art technologies like AES 256 bit encryption, which means no one can access it without a password or key.

This ensures that your data is always protected from hackers and other online threats.

3. How Long Does JJ’s House Take to Ship?

JJ’s House shipping times are listed on their website:

It takes about 3-15 working days for the package to travel from JJ’s House facilities to your destination, the exact shipping time is based on the shipping company (UPS, DHL, USPS, etc) standard and the shipping method you have chosen.

Expedited Shipping

This shipping method is the fastest available. Delivery times are between 3-6 days to all major destinations. Shipping cost varies for different items.

Standard Shipping

Standard shipping takes a bit longer than expedited shipping but costs less. Delivery times are between 5-8 days to all major destinations.

4. What Are JJ’s House Shipping Costs?

JJ’s House Shipping costs Depend on your shipping method:

Expedited Shipping

This shipping method is the fastest available. Delivery times are between 2-6 days to all major destinations.Expedited shipping fee is calculated based on the weight of your order, starting from US$ 20.99.

Standard Shipping

Standard shipping takes a bit longer than expedited shipping but costs less. Delivery times are between 3-8 days to all major destinations. Standard shipping fee is calculated based on the weight of your order, starting from US$ 14.99.

Super Saving Shipping   

Super saving shipping is the most cost-saving method. But it will take 10-30 days to all major destinations. Super saver shipping fee is calculated based on the weight of your order, starting from US$ 3.99.

5. Where Is JJ's House Located?

JJ’s House is located in Hong Kong.

6. Where Does JJ's House Ship From?

JJ’s House ships from warehouses in China.

7. Are JJ’s House Sizes Accurate?

Yes! However, you’ll want to match your own accurate measurements with their dresses. While sizes such as Small and Medium can be used as general guidelines, proper fit requires much more accuracy.

8. What Is JJ’s House Refund & Return Policy?

JJ’s House has a generous return policy, but it’s not unlimited.

JJ's House will issue a full refund including shipping for any damaged, defective, or mis-shipped items. If your item arrives damaged or defective, please request return in My Orders or Contact Us directly for assistance with processing your return.

JJ's House will issue a full refund of the cost of the returned product if you are not satisfied with your item(s). Request return in My Orders or Contact our Customer Service to initiate the return process within 14 days upon receiving your item(s). The item must be returned in its original condition (if eligible per the return policy).

* The item must be unworn, unwashed, unaltered, undamaged and with the original tags attached. JJ’s House cannot process the return of any faulty item.

* As all items (including standard size) are made-to-order, JJ’s House cannot afford to accept the ‘buy-many-keep-one’ purchase. Our customer service team may cancel an order believed to have been made with that intention.

* JJ’s House reserves the right to refuse the return if received in an unacceptable condition or without our prior knowledge.

* JJ’s House is not liable for return item(s) that are lost or damaged, please keep the receipt with tracking information.

9. Does JJ's House Have Good Customer Support? How Do I Reach Them?

Contact JJ's House at:


Address: 69 Aberdeen Avenue, Cambridge, United Kingdom, CB2 8DL

Phone: +44 2082 425518

Email: [email protected]

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