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3 Total Score Review: Legit, Reliable or a Scam?

PriceSlash is a bill negotiation business that helps to reduce prices on existing consumer cable and cell phone bills. The company has the highest fees of any bill negotiation business (50% fees on the first two years of savings) and they have established a reputation for signing consumers up for long-term contracts without their permission.

Our Recommendation: We strongly recommend avoiding PriceSlash due to its industry leading fees and somewhat shaky reputation (including removing the review section from their Facebook page). We recommend Trim instead because they only charge 25% of first-year savings which is less than half of the overall cost of PriceSlash while offering the exact same service.

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  • Negotiating lower bills is an effective way to save money
  • PriceSlash can negotiate almost any type of monthly bill
  • PriceSlash is the most expensive negotiation service in the industry (50% fee for the first two years of savings) and is more than double the price of our favorite service, Trim
  • PriceSlash has a reputation for signing consumers up for long-term contracts without permission
  • The company deleted its review section on its Facebook page - can only be assumed it's to hide negative reviews
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About PriceSlash:

“PriceSlash negotiates with your service providers to lower your bills. We believe in fair pricing and transparency. PriceSlash is committed to delivering savings to our valued customers. We use technology and our team of expert negotiators to fight for consumers that are taken advantage of by Internet, TV, and cell phone operators.”

What Bills Does PriceSlash Negotiate? Does PriceSlash Work?

BillCutterz negotiates cable, cell phone, satellite TV, home phone, internet, satellite radio and home security bills. They can handle Comcast, Charter, AT&T, DISH, Time Warner Cable (TWC), DIRECTV, Verizon, SiriusXM, ADT and lots of other companies.

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  1. I had them negotiate a whopping $12.96 off my monthly bill. They charged me $69.98. After a couple days my television in my family room stopped working. When I called Comcast they told me it was the change I made to my bill by removing the extra cable box. They then told me if I didn’t return the box I would be billed for it. I told them to reactivate it and my bill is a $12.96 higher. This service is a total scam. Not only did I pay $69.98 for nothing since I still have not gotten any refund or anything from the company. I got to spend some quality time with the Comcast company. Over an hour and a half. I have sent a formal complaint to the Washington State attorney general. They should not be allowed to scam people.

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