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Shrinkabill Review: Legit, Reliable or a Scam?

Shrinkabill is a business that negotiates lower prices on monthly bills for consumers. They service a wide variety of bills ranging from cable, cell phone, TV and even satellite radio.

Shrinkabill doesn't seem to be too popular based on their Facebook page (only 174 likes) but of the limited reviews available online they seem to be very positive. The only real issue with Shrinkabill is that it's a bit more expensive than some of its competitors.

Our Recommendation: While Shrinkabill doesn't have any negative online coverage, we recommend TrueBill instead because they only charge 40% of first year savings instead of the 50% that Shrinkabill charges. TrueBill also seems to have been in business a bit longer than Shrinkabill and has a stronger web presence.

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  • Cable and cell phone companies are open to negotiating so a service like Shrinkabill will likely save you money
  • Shrinkabill seems to be able to handle almost any type of monthly bill
  • Shrinkabill is more expensive than TrueBill
  • There aren't a lot of online reviews available about Shrinkabill so it's unclear how established the business is
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We recommend TrueBill because it provides the same service but is significantly cheaper.

About Shrinkabill:

“Shrinkabill is a dedicated team of professional consumer advocates armed with insider secrets and a passion for fighting back against companies who charge too much for their services. We're your service providers' worst nightmare – working hard at shrinking their prices and growing your savings. Team up with us and you'll save so much money that you'll become a Bazillionaire!*

*Actual results vary based off of the quantity and the type of bills submitted. Most customers do not submit enough bills to achieve bazillionaire status.

What Bills Does Shrinkabill Negotiate? Does Shrinkabill Work?

BillCutterz negotiates cable, cell phone, satellite TV, home phone, internet, satellite radio and home security bills. They can handle Comcast, Charter, AT&T, DISH, Time Warner Cable (TWC), DIRECTV, Verizon, SiriusXM, ADT and lots of other companies.

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We recommend TrueBill because it provides the same service but is significantly cheaper.

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