Sun Basket vs. Blue Apron vs. Green Fresh vs. Hello Fresh vs. Plated

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Quick Summary:

Sun Basket is the winner if you're looking for affordable organic meals and Hello Fresh is the winner if you're looking for the most popular non-organic option. Green FreshBlue Apron and Plated are all solid options as well but don't come with the same fanfare as the previously mentioned home meal delivery services.

Detailed Summary:

Sun Basket

Sun Basket offers organic meals at a very low price of only $5.32 per serving. This is cheaper than what you might be able to buy at a grocery store and is an offer that's too tempting to not give this a shot. Most of the other services mentioned here are either not organic or are significantly more expensive.

Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh is one of the best-known brands out of all of the mentioned services and the pricing is similar to Sun Basket. The big difference is that its meals are not organic which sways our opinion fairly heavily towards Sun Basket in this case. Having said this, you can't go wrong with Hello Fresh either.

Blue Apron

Blue Apron is the largest and most popular service on our list but you certainly pay a premium for the brand recognition. All of the meal plans start at $9.99/serving which is a bit higher than Hello Fresh and Sun Basket.

Green Fresh

Green Fresh is one of the main organic meal delivery services but its prices are about double Sun Basket's so it doesn't get as strong of a recommendation from us. If you're looking for organic though and you aren't happy with Sun Basket's offering, this is a solid second option.


Plated is one of the original meal delivery services but it's a bit smaller than most of the other services that we've described. We used to love Plated's option to pick and choose which meals you subscribe to each week but it doesn't seem that that option is available anymore.


Your best bet is to use Sun Basket because it tends to have the best prices plus it offers fully organic meals.

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